One piece Ertalon head means complete transfer of power and exceptional performance.


Optimum Croquet Mallet

The most significant feature of the Optimum Croquet Mallet is the uniquely constructed one piece Ertalon, Square or D shaped head. This single piece construction means there is no power or energy loss when striking the ball. Ultimately this means that you will be required to exert less energy when playing your shots.

The shaft of the Optimum Croquet Mallet is a rolled wrapped Carbon Fibre tube that has a hoop protected area (for the times you are in the jaws of the hoop). The Easy Grip handle has a small underlay of rubber making for a great grip. The shaft can easily be removed with an allen key.

There is a ball marker conveniently fitted to the top of the handle for easy access.

Our Optimum Croquet Mallets are also custom weighted with brass weights used to achieve the precise weight required.

$565 AUD

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One-Piece Ertalon D-Shaped Mallet Head

Extremely hard wearing Ertalon, peripheral weighted as required.

  • Heads
    • 280mm (11") long
  • Face
    • 60mm wide 50mm high
Shaft Specifications
  • Med Flex or Rigid
  • Round or Square Grip
  • Length to order (from ground to top of grip)
  • Weight
    • Includes handle
    • Weighted to order
    Carbon Fibre Shaft

    Light weight, excellent feel. Rigid or flex construction.

    Hoop Protection

    Custom designed hoop protector heat shrunk on shaft to protect carbon fibre shaft for those tricky hoop shots.

    Easy Grip Handle

    Custom designed grip round or square per preference.

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