Each mallet is created to your desire weight and shaft length.


Our hand crafted wood croquet mallets are constructed from Australian hard wood with ertalon faces. Each custom made wooden croquet mallet is weighted specific to each order and the handle length is designed for each customer requirement.

$195 AUD

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  • Head
    • 250mm (10") long
  • Face
    • 55mm wide 50mm high
Shaft Specifications
  • Wood
  • Round or Square Grip
  • Length to order (from ground to top of grip)
  • Weight
    • Includes handle minimum 2.5lbs
    • Weighted to order

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    Mallet Order Details

    Head Length is 10" (250mm)
    Grip Type: RoundSquare Grip + $25AC Grip + $20

    Croquet Accessories

    Small 'It Takes Balls' Tote Bag ($22)
    It takes Balls Cup ($19)
    Head Cover ($25)
    5 Ball Markers ($1)
    Large 'Evolution' Tote Bag ($24)
    Man Cup ($19)
    Croquet Mallet Carry Bag ($60)

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